Who Are You When You’re Alone?

Photography Workshop by Donato Di Camillo – Saturday, November 4th and Sunday the 5th 9am-1pm)

The class will be meeting on the Staten Island ferry terminal waiting area, near indoor aquarium. Address - 1 Bay Street, Staten Island New York, 10301 Please arrive at 8:30 as ferry boats depart every half hour on weekends.

Please bring 10 Photos on digital format. To make things easy, a tablet or cellphone will do as just fine! This will help me see where you’re at with your photography, plus it will give us time to discuss what direction you’d like to take your work in the future.

This workshop will not only focus on some of the best light available, but it will also aid in visualizing scenes, helping us discover the human characteristics we all unknowingly share.

Our goal will be to heighten awareness, spark creativity, and help discover things we seldom see in ourselves and in objects that surround us. We will also challenge ourselves by attempting to create photos that are both memorable and unique.

We will not only work on the technical aspect of learning your camera settings and capabilities, but also learn how to turn an ordinary image into an extraordinary one by using your soul as a creative tool. 

Whether you’re into landscape photography, scenic photos, or street photography this workshop will help enhance proper insight to the feeling behind your work.

Our time together will include individual and group discussions, inspiring ideas and lets not forget great laughs. I cannot think of a better location to express your creativity than an amazing trip along the harbor and the amazing view of the New York skyline.

Day 1

We will cover the following;

1. How to overcome fear when shooting subjects

2. How to create photographs with impact (unforgettable) 

3. How to approach people to take street portraits

4. The best technical settings to use in street photography and scenic

5. How to navigate around obstacles when they present themselves 

6. How to anticipate “the decisive moment”

7. How to apply photography's basic laws when creating compositions   

Tip: Dress light, this will help you move around with more agility.

We will talk about ideas and brainstorm about how to approach them, what you would like to photograph and how to tackle challenges. What your ideas are or what your visual approach might be, and most of all what interests you the most. By the way, I don’t mind if you shoot with your iPhone, if it’s the only camera on hand, but it is recommended you use your regular camera if you own one.

Day 2

We will meet a bit earlier to catch some beautiful morning sunlight and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Each participant will be given certain challenges based on what their strengths and weaknesses are.

For most of the workshop that day I will accompany you when photographing and then give you time to work on your own. The goal is to help build confidence and show you methods & tips on what to look for when creating photographs that leave a strong impression.

After the fun weekend, we will set up an individual Face time or Skype sessions to review the work. Please make jpegs 72dpi at 1200 or 2000 longest side and present the best 10 of your choice. We will look at the work and discuss what works, what you learned if you struggled or had great success and how you plan to move forward.